Who is this Guy?

IMG_4115I am the father of four wonderful children, and the husband to the best wife known to man. We are a blended family, Beth and I have been married over 20 years. The three boys have gone and grown up on us, with two of them giving us wonderful daughters in law. The princess in the family just graduated college and is in the process of starting her first “real” job. None of them are with us nearly enough, but we are almost good at being empty nesters. Middle son Michael and his wife, Rachel have our newest pride and joy, Owen who just turned two. They are quite a crew when we get them all together at the same time as you can see.

I am an Elder in The Iowa Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. I am currently the Conference Superintendent of the Northwest District. My wife and I live in Storm Lake, Iowa. I hope that this space will allow me to better communicate with people and stay in touch with my friends around the country.


4 thoughts on “Who is this Guy?

  1. Pastor Ron, how great to stumble onto your blog this morning! My family is new to the QC by way of Saint Ambrose. Urban living alone has been a big adjustment for us, me in particular. If I have my mental map plugged in though, your Parish is the big one near Donuts and More, yes?

    I’ve enjoyed (odd word for Lent) my first Lent West of the Mississippi, and look forward to reading more of your posts.

    peace, Kate

    1. Kate
      Welcome to this area! I am glad that you have found this space. Although I grew up here in the Quad Cities I have lived and served in places that are at best “rural.” I would love to sit and have a cup of coffee or other beverage with you some time. We are one of the churches south of Donuts and More on the same side of the street just a few blocks down. I hope that you find your time here in Davenport rewarding, if there is anything I can do or you would like to talk about the challenges we face call me at the church at 563-324-5278.

      1. Coffee it is – because I work out of the house, my days remain fairly flexible until school is out – so how about you let me know when your Easter schedule settles a bit? Just drop a line at riverhills90@gmail.com. So many churches, so many pastors – makes city life all the more interesting! peace, Kate

  2. Now Kate…I though I was the only one who enjoyed COFFEE with Pastoral staff and church friends.
    I love the fact of pastors writing blogs…God can use this concept as you speak from your heart. God Bless you in this endeavor and I hope you get the chance to meet. I feel like Kate and I were cut from the same mold. Have a great day!
    Peach State

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