For those of who think this is a cheap trick to get clicks and bring people back to my blog- you are correct. In June I became a grandpa for the first time. People had told me it was like no other job in the world, and they too were correct. The six months or so that I have had the title of grandpa have been like no other. We are blessed by Owen and hopefully we will be able to bless him as well. Here is one of my favorite pictures of this wonderful boy.img_1099

In August I had the great joy of being part of his baptism. I get emotional at any baptism, but I literally jumped at the chance to be a part of his big day.img_0907

We have a great time Face-timing with him. It usually consists of Grandma waving at him, singing to him and suggesting that he eat again. He is adorable and we love this modern communication. He was a scarecrow for Halloween.scarecrow

When the whole family gathers, which is not often enough, Owen is at the center of our

Here are more pictures.

Finally be Owen is hard work.img_0018

Grandpa is definitely the greatest title I have ever received.





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