Is it a New Year Again Already?

With the coming of a new year I am very predictable. There are some things that I do at the beginning of every new calendar year. Every year I do the same things, I think that I do the same things every year because my follow through is poor. I realize that I need to do a few things better and the beginning of the year is a good time to address those issues.

I need to be better organized. I need to lose weight. I need to get into better shape. I want to do my job better. I want to be a better father and husband. I want to find more joy in my life. The list goes on and on.

To address some of these things I do the same things at this time of the year. Most of these things will not last until February. Hopefully this year will be different we will see. I join a gym. I start a diet, if for even a few hours. I clean my car. I clean my office. I start to blog again…


3 thoughts on “Is it a New Year Again Already?

  1. Sue Kromminga

    I have stopped with resolutions, I now pick a word or short phrase, this year it is “What Next?” So if I do follow through with something, then I ask ‘what next’ and move on. If I have dropped a ball or neglected something, upon realization, ask ‘what next’ and move on. This way you keep moving forward and when next year arrives you may surprise yourself to see what you did that you had not planned on. SURPRISE

  2. Lori Rutten

    It is good to hear from you! Happy New Years and I hope things go well will you and your new resolutions. I have a few as well and hope I can stay on task and make them life changes.

  3. Judy

    I find that my plan for the future, truthfully most days, is not the plan that God has for me. I do believe that even if you do not complete or get very far with the goals you set for yourself you will complete those that God sets for you. Blessings to you and your family for a wonderful new year.

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