Random Thoughts…

I am trying to be more intentional with my writing. Usually, writing allows me to process my thoughts into something useful. Most of what I write gets deleted and a small portion becomes my Sunday sermons. My plan was to update the blog a couple of times a week, but that may become a couple of times a month at the rate I’m going. So far this year, my thoughts have been very scattered. In an effort to bring some focus back to this area let me share with you just how random my thoughts are on this Friday afternoon.

I need some more coffee.
Will I ever get used to Windows 8 and the new Office suite?
How should Beth and I celebrate our wedding anniversary?
Will this cold ever go away (both the weather and the general run of my nose)?
I need to clean this office.
I wish the Illini had hired new coaches for football.
Have I really been married 18 years?
Is Mackenzie really going to be a senior next year?
How many of these random thoughts should I list?
I need some more coffee.
Just wishing for coffee will not fill the mug.
I should rework my sermon.
If my cold isn’t better by this weekend, I will have no voice after preaching that sermon four times.
I am not sure I like this new keyboard.
I really should have learned to type.
I need some new dry erase markers and a desk calendar.
Easter sure is late this year.
Is it really 2014?
Is that rain?
Does anyone even stop at this blog anymore, I wouldn’t because I only blogged a few times last year.
I probably drank too much coffee, time to stop.



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