You Might Be a Pastor If…

You have 10 nativities in one parsonage and you are always looking for more! I knew that Beth and I had an unnatural attraction to nativity sets, I didn’t realize how bad it was. As Beth opened number ten, (or at least the start of #10) we were both talking about other sets we had seen this season. The kids have enjoyed “playing” with them over the years. Many of them have a piece broken or missing. They are each special and most have a special story that goes with it.

Ron's iPhone 111
This is the newest set. It is by Isabelle Bloom, a local company named for a local artist. It will get additional pieces as they are bought for Beth.

Ron's iPhone 120
This is a fun one that we have had for a long time. The kids loved to play with this one.

Ron's iPhone 119
Another oldie but goodie.

Ron's iPhone 118
Another fun set that the kids played with over the years.

Ron's iPhone 117
This isnt the best picture, but its a Willow Tree set that many people contributed to over the years. It now sits on top of our piano to allow it to be displayed well.

Ron's iPhone 116
This is a soap stone set that we bought while we were in Africa this last year. Yes that is a hippopotamus, no it was not part of the original set but Mackenzie thought it needed more animals…

Ron's iPhone 115
This is another Willow Tree set. It stays out year round in our living room. It is the biggest one we have at least in size of the pieces.

Ron's iPhone 114
This is another new one. Beth’s brother and his family gave it to us for Christmas just this year!

Ron's iPhone 113
This is the other set we bought while in Africa last summer, I think it is my current favorite.

Ron's iPhone 112
This is a complete St. John’s set. At my current appointment, St. John’s UMC in Davenport, they have a great tradition. A small group of people make these ceramic pieces by hand and then early in Advent each child receives a piece in worship. As infants they receive Jesus and get additional pieces each year through sixth grade. The hope is that the set will be a beautiful memory of their childhood for years to come. This set was given to Mackenzie by the group that works so hard on them since we got to Davenport when she was in sixth grade. It is displayed under our Christmas tree.

I hope you enjoy seeing these as much as we enjoy displaying them.



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