I am Now that Guy

It happened to me yesterday. I am responsible for some fool who is trying to scam the world having a shred of hope that he may be successful someday. We have all seen the tweets, emails and messages that promise us fast weight loss, the promise of $$, asking for $$ so we can help the guy that lives down the street home from England. I usually see these and think to my self, how can someone fall for these shenanigans?

Last night I fell. I was at dinner and my phone started blowing up. The last time that happened I was part of a group Facebook discussion about my seminary moving locations. This time it was people telling me that I had gotten hacked. I was helpless to do anything, I can use my phone for somethings but could not figure out how to change my Twitter password. Turns out if your account sends enough junk, they lock it down so people only got 3-5 messages from me. I am still torn between mortified and mad as a hornet’s nest.

I figured out how I was so stupid. I did not click on a lose weight now scam. I didn’t even try to get some free money. That’s because I am happy being 20 pounds overweight and having enough money to pay my bills and treat my family to a night out every now and then. My weakness was in my desire to see what my daughter’s boyfriend was harassing me about. His account (I thought it was him) direct messaged me something along the lines of what where you thinking? I figured he was giving me junk about the Prius I just bought, no I was falling into a trap.

When the screen came up asking me to verify my account and password I punched it in and the rest is history. I try hard to be a good on-line citizen, but I failed on this one. Hopefully all of my friends are smarter than I am. However, when I see that others have been scammed, I will not feel disdain, I will feel your pain and hope that you too don’t get suckered again.

I am because we are


One thought on “I am Now that Guy

  1. Andrea

    I started getting angry letters from strangers on ebay because my account was apparently sending out spam. I didn’t even put my password into anything suspicious. Happens to everyone, but I was pretty mad at the time.

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