Africa Here We Come!!

This space has served many functions over the past five years. As I enter into my sixth year on this space and at my current Church, I plan to use this to allow my family and friends to follow along on our adventures to Africa University. We are leaving on Tuesday morning and my next post will be the 500th piece here.

The Travel Blog will commence July 23rd and continue until sometime in August when I have shared all that I feel moved to share. I can hardly believe that I will soon be on a different continent. Let me share a bit as to how we got here.

Mackenzie for the last few years has told me that she wants to teach internationally so when I heard that another local UMC was going on a VIM (Volunteer in Mission) trip I shared the idea with her. She immediately became excited and hounded me to get her additional information. My wife saw that this was getting away from us quickly and reminded me there was no way youngest child was traipsing off to Africa alone. I quickly told her to have fun on her trip. I even gloated about the two of them leaving only to be told by Beth that when she talked with the mission planners she discovered the team still needed more participants…and oh yea I was going too.

I pointed out quite quickly that sending Kenzie to Africa was doable, sending the two of them there would be a stretch but there was no we could afford for all three of to go. She said we would be fine. When the first payment was do I depleted my honorarium/vacation fund account where I collected those extra gifts that we receive as a pastor. I told her that I was not sure what would happen when the next payment was due. We raised funds working with our church family. We did meals and we had an ice cream social, our family had a trivia night for us, and untold other just gave us gifts for the trip. We made the second and the final payment. We paid for our drugs and our shots. We still had money that was left over so due to the support of so many people we are taking three lap top computers with us to Africa University, in the hope to shorten the technology gap there. God is good.

Tuesday morning we are driving to Chicago to fly out of O’Hare for Amsterdam where we will meet a plane that takes us 12 hours to South Africa. After a 12 hour delay in South Africa we will fly two hours to Zimbabwe where we end our adventure with a two-hour bus trip…Lord Help Me!!!!

I plan to blog and post pictures about all of our adventures. It will be fun!When I get back, after my wife and daughter start talking to me again, we will find a way to share this trip in a way that blesses all who helped make it happen and half as much as we have been blessed in this planning. Watch here for pictures and videos of cool stuff (hopefully an elephant going to the bathroom) and videos of stuff you may not have seen.

Sign up on this page to get the email update, or follow me on twitter at or on Facebook I am at All of thos possiblities will bring the trip in its raw uncut version.



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