Startegic Priorities II

As I look at the Proposed Strategic Priorities seond emphaisis that appears to be called Equipping Ourselves and Others as Transformational Leaders I realize that you can read the document anf I do not need to summarize it here.

I see the idea of Intentional Faith Development as integral to what we need to do as a Conference. I agree that we need to have both clergy and laity “buy in” as we move forward in this area. The “planks” that are suggested have been used for many years to do this important work. These are the startegies that have been utilized to get us where we are right now today.

While that is a strength it is also the biggest weakness of this section. There is nothing new or visionary here. This appears to be a mid 1900’s solution to a a problem that has grown worse since that time. We are in a different age with different distractions but the truth of the matter is we need to find better ways to develop faith.

The one suggestion that make sense in this light is the idea of pastors spending time in the community. Ten percent will only begin to scratch the surface. But in many settings this will be a stretch going forward. I would like to see us do entirely away with time in an office, but I realize this is not practical. The more ways that make community available to folks, the better.

We have always needed to be in the community. one of our historic questions asks “Will you visit from house to house?” There was a day where this was effective ministry because the family table was the main gathering space in people’s lives. Today that space is the gym, the coffee shop, Facebook and Twitter among other places. How can we incorporate this cultural shift in our ministry? How would those being ministered to like us to respond?



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