Reading the Bible: Haggai #CEB

Today we read Haggai.  What are your thoughts on this book.  We are almost done with the Hebrew Bible what are your thoughts on that accomplishment?  Are you able to begin to summarize this narrative that we have experienced for nine months?




One thought on “Reading the Bible: Haggai #CEB

  1. Marsha Findlay

    Here are my thoughts so far; the Bible that we have read to date gives me information about the judgement, punishment, retribution, sacrifices, commandments that God gives to the people.
    It is hard punishments and very difficult to be seen as virtuous in God’s eyes. I have not read most of these passages before, so this is an overall reflection.
    The coming passages concerning the teaching of Jesus are forgiveness, charity and lacks the hard judgements that we have seen from God in the prior readings.

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