Psalm 107-111 #CEB

Today’s reading is Psalm 107-111.  This link will take you to the Common English Bible on Gateway. com, there you can switch versions if you like a different translation.

Do you have any reflections from the first part of the year?  How does this reading compare with others.  Is this contain new insights?

Thanks Again



2 thoughts on “Psalm 107-111 #CEB

  1. Sally Smothers

    I’m really enjoying this read. The first books were the ones that I’d always stalled out on in my previous attempts to read through the Bible so I feel like I’ve got it on a downhill slide now. The Psalms have always been my “fun” read but I’m seeing them from yet another angle this time through. Thank you for hanging in there with us and keeping the daily reads coming our way. I
    know we’ll all be blessed by this years of diligence!

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