Job 1-3 #CEB

This book begins, “A man in the land of Uz was named Job. That man was honest, a person of absolute integrity; he feared God and avoided evil.” It appears that this man has it all going for himself.  This book is one of the most often read and held up as example books of the Hebrew Bible.  It is the story of a a righteous man experiencing life and God as seen through our human eyes.  As we begin, I ask you how well you know this story?  Do you know its basic “plot?” Or are you familiar with many of the details?

Todays reading is Job 1-3.




2 thoughts on “Job 1-3 #CEB

  1. Marsha Findlay

    Job was certainly a man of integrity and honor. It confuses me, however, to have the adversay influence God to bring fires, losses and pain and suffering to him when he had done nothing but follow the Lord’s guidance. Our life’s journey certainly brings loss, pain and suffering to all people; no matter their behavior or position, so realistically, we could say this is just a part of life.
    But quite often when someone I know or love endures loss, pain or suffering, the question they ask is “What Have I done?” They see it as a personal punishment rather than a part of life’s learning process. Some losses are so much harder to bear than others, but rarely actually deserved because of something they have done or haven’t done.

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