2 Chronicles 34-36 #CEB

Today we are reading from 2 Chronicles 34-36.  This link takes you to the Common English Bible at Biblegateway.  There you can swith versions if you would like or you can look up the passage in a Bible you have in your possession.

Many leaders, many mistakes, Jerusalem destroyed and Babylon is in charge. Did you learn or remember something today?




One thought on “2 Chronicles 34-36 #CEB

  1. Marsha Findlay

    Most of the passages we have been reading regarding the rulers of Israel, etc. seem to be the same as we experience today…….History repeats itself. There is a cycle of prosperty, following God’s word and then a decline into non obedience, trials and then a return to God’s word.
    This cycle is still going on in countries today. When there seems to be a period of tranquility, prospering and growth, greed and wrongdoing come into play and the suffering begins.
    It is tragic that we don’t seem to learn from the past so that we can keep the world in a better place.

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