2 Chronicles 7-9 #CEB

Today we are reading from 2 Chronicles 7-9.  This link takes you to the Common English Bible at Biblegateway.  There you can swith versions if you would like or you can look up the passage in a Bible you have in your possession.

This passage returns to the story of Solomon and begins looking at his relationship with Sheba.  Did you learn or remember something today?




One thought on “2 Chronicles 7-9 #CEB

  1. Judy

    Praying for our nation is something many of us do. But in 2 Chronicles 7:14 I hear God saying that if we want God to listen to his people’s prayers for our country, forgive their sins, and heal the land , we, his people must not only pray but humble ourselves and turn from our wicked ways. Prayer sounds like only one of three requirements!

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