2 Samuel 16-18 #CEB

We are reading from 2 Samuel 16-18 today.

On this Good Friday we see another hero of the Bible mourn his son.  How is this different, how is this the same?




One thought on “2 Samuel 16-18 #CEB

  1. Marsha

    Unfortunately, there are fathers & sons and mothers & daughters who become estranged from each other. However, we are spared having to wage warfare with our children. The Civil War was an exception to that, but hopefully there were not many face to face battles. King David had to wage war on Absalom’s Army, but did not go himself. Even so, he wanted his son to be protected. When he heard that his son had died, he lamented that he would have died rather than his son.

    Losing a child, under any circumstances, has to be the hardest thing we can bear. No matter what era we consider, the feelings are the same. There have been a few parents in my extended family who have lost a child. They will say that you grow to accept, but it is always with them.

    King David was no different.


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