1 Samuel 29-31 #CEB

Today is March 31.  We are 25% of the way finished with reading through the Bible.  I know that many of you are following this and are recieving emails of my posts.  Can anyone who is participating drop me an email or comment on the site.  I am trying to understand if this is reaching people and what it means to those reading along.  Thank you and congratulations for getting this far.

Here is our reading today, 1 Samuel 29-31.




One thought on “1 Samuel 29-31 #CEB

  1. Marsha

    We are still in Florida, but I am still following the daily reading. This is a commitment that I have made and I am interested in everything I didn’t know before. I find the manner of killings, burnings, etc. still concerning, but understand the times that they are in. Knowing that we are now 25% completed keeps me motivated to continue.

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