1 Samuel 19-22 #CEB

Here is our reading today, 1 Samuel 19-22.  It is an extra chapter today.

Once again, a leader becomes afraid of the successor.  Fear is a strong motivator, but so is love.  Which is stronger in this passage.  Which is stronger in your life.




One thought on “1 Samuel 19-22 #CEB

  1. Marsha

    My perception is that fear was much stronger than love, in Saul’s mind. This same fear is alive today and takes many forms….whether in families, business or social relationships. It is a difficult thing to understand and deal with.
    The goal would be to put love above this kind of fear, but sometimes the emotions take over and there is a fine line between love and the fear of losing position, power or being respected above all others. Ego takes over where love should remain constant.

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