Bible in a Year:Leviticus 4-6 #CEB

Our reading for today is Leviticus 4-6.

Reading chapter four I wonder about unintentional sin by entire groups of people.  How do you see that happening?  In chapter five I am touched that God made allowances for those who had less than others.  In chapter six I am humbled by the thought of making things right to those who were wronged.  What jumps at you today?




2 thoughts on “Bible in a Year:Leviticus 4-6 #CEB

  1. Carol

    I cannot imagine the site of the altar and that area, with all the sacrifices and blood splattering. So many rules and regulations.

  2. Marsha

    As we read through Leviticus, it is making me aware of the Ritual that is dictated by God; the sin offering, the guilt offering and the fellowship offering. The offerings are to be perfect, burned and blood let according to the commands of God. The Priests serve as a conduit for some offerings, even of value, and then the people will receive forgiveness through their interaction with the Priests. Even if people are not aware of their sin, they would be considered guilty and need to atone for their sins. This is an eye opener for me since I have not read the entire Bible before and quite different from the forgiveness shown through Jesus in the New Testament. This has been quite a journey so far.

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