Bible in a Year: Exodus 1-3 #CEB

We have read the first book of the Bible and we are about half of a month into our project.  Today we start the second book, Exodus, which will take us through the end of January.  Our goal can seem daunting, but stick with it.  If you have gotten a late start you can still catch up, if you miss a day, do not let that become the habit, read again the next available chance you have.

While these beginning books of the Bible are long, they are foundational and filled with narratives that are still talked about and taught thousands of years later.  Everyone who is reading along is doing so for their very own personal reasons and that is great.  Continue spending 25-20 minutes a day and you will be blessed in ways that you may not realize for years to come.

Todays reading is from Exodus 1-3, my link is to my current favorite translation for devotional reading the Common English Bible. You switch to your favorite at this site.

Todays reading may raise many thoughts and idea, feel free to share if you have read our page on grace filled comment, which is tabbed at the top.




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