#IAUMC11 is About to Begin

In the morning, the Bishop will conven our Iowa Annual Conference, At that timethe clergy and the laity from the state of Iowa will gather to do the neccessary business of being the Church. We will approve budgets, direct ministry, ordain new elders and deacons, and vote on the people we will delegate our authority to for the purposes of General Conference 2012. This is one of the most important roles that we play this year. The delegates to General Conference have the job of speaking for the United Methodist Church collectively and to set the direction the church takes in the next four years. Here’s to my hope that we elect a solid core of young clergy to these positions so vital issues will be disscussed and communicated in 2012.

This session we are concentrating on the Hospitality of Justice. As part of our time tohether we will hear from Michael Slaughter twice. Rev Slaughter will lead our oppening worship, and he will provide us with a teaching session on opening night. I have followed Rev Slaughter for a few years and I am looking forward to what he has to bring to our people.

It’s late and Illinois is playing in the baseball regionals in CA, and I found it on line so I am going to go watch my team play, while my wife sleeps peacefully behind me. Watch the tweets and this space tomorow for insights from Des Moines.



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