A Call to a Season of Prayer

Bishop Julius C. Trimble has called the people of Iowa to a season of prayer.  In his letter he asked for four specific prayer requests:

(1) Pray for those who do not know the love of Christ and Jesus as Lord and Savior; and those who have not witnessed that love through the church.  (2) Pray that God’s mission for the church would break through and spark revival in our communities. (3) Pray that divine love will shape our conversations and collaboration. (4) Pray that radical hospitality and doing justice will be part of our Annual Conference DNA.

Pastor Julie Poulson, (United Methodist Church of Washington, Iowa) has developed a a prayer plan that she shared with our Southeast District.  This plan has specific prayer requests for us to pray as we move forward in this season.  I will share these at the beginning of each week.  I ask that in your devotional time this week you join in this season of prayer.  I also encourage you to share with others how this may have impacted your life in the comment section.  Thanks in advance for your participation.

February 5 – We pray for the United Methodist churches of Iowa as we begin the movement called ‘PATH 1’ to ‘make (more) disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world’ through our existing churches and the birthing of new faith communities (churches.)

February 6 – We ask God to move our hearts, our eyes, our lives, and our ministries outward to others.

February 7 – We ask God’s blessing of increased faith within our Iowa communities.

Grace and Peace




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