Getting it Right

This will be the final post on Adam Hamilton’s book When Christians Get It Wrong, I will do some follow-up and final thoughts at some point next week.  I am preaching so I am not sure when the Spirit will move me, but I will post once more.

As we finish this book, we see Reverend Hamilton taking a different approach.  This is a feel good chapter that describe to us How “Christians Get it Right.”  We are reminded that the much of Paul’s writings in the New Testament are teachings to those who do not “get it.”  For that matter I read much of Jesus’ teachings as given to those who did not “get it.”  For as much as we try we do not always act as we should, there is frequently a disconnect between our minds and the rest of our body.

Love is a four letter word that we can start talking about today, and not finish the subject before we die.  Love is an action and a feeling depending on who and where you are.  We as Christians need to use love as an action word and do those associated actions in a way that non Christians can feel love.  This will look different for every person involved.  The Church is a group that reaches out to individuals (in most cases.)  Someone in the group has the power to connect with just about any individual through love.  As we have noticed and seen in this study and book, someone in the group has the potential to negatively touch individuals also.

We know that we need to love our God with all that we have and are.  It is no secret that we need to love others as we love ourselves.  These statements are the easy part.  The hard thing is to live those out in ways that allow you to remain true to who you are, while at the same time allowing others to feel your love.

There is no short cut, nor is there an easy way to love.  The secret is to keep doing the best that we can, and constantly reflecting on how effective we are.  We all know those people who work for our personality, do as they do, I am sure that there are other people like you.  Keep loving and acting out of love and God will bless your personal ministry.




5 thoughts on “Getting it Right

  1. Jen

    Thank You Pastor Carlson for taking your valuable time to share this study on line. I personally enjoyed and have learned as well. Look forward to taking part in another if you ever have the time to share again.

    With Respect,

  2. Shane

    I think we have opportunities everyday as Christians to show love to each other, but I don’t think we always take advantage of those opportunities. I recently did and want to tell you about it. I have a friend who is in a struggling relationship with an addicted person and who has had addiction problems himself. The other night he called me and needed someone to talk to etc. I told him to stop by my house and after 45 minutes of giving him the best advice I could, he left crying but trying not to let me see it. I gave him a hug and told him real men cry and to not be ashamed. Later I received several texts from him saying how the talk helped and he would be alright. I think the most important advice I told him was to pray about it and try to get back to church. I guess since that’s what I would try and do. Anyways I few weeks have passed now and today he texted me to ask me what time church was on Sunday. I responsed enthusatically and hope he shows up this week. I feel for once in my life I have taken God’s calling and used it the right way. We really are God’s messengers although I admit I don’t always take advantage of the opportunities….

  3. Bonnie

    John and all,
    I agree with you about Willie and Jackie. What a wonderful couple they are and they would do anything for anyone at anytime. They are very special to Carl and I also.
    I appreciate the kind words by Marsha and Jen but Carl and I are simply doing what we feel God wants us to do. We came to St. Johns not that long ago and aggressively tried to meet people and tried to find a place where we felt we could help out. We know what it is like to go into a church and feel like “a ghost” – you know, that everyone is looking right through you. We really try to meet visitors when we can and make them feel welcome. It’s not possible to get to them all but if we see someone we don’t think we’ve seen before we try to get over to them and introduce ourselves. We have screwed up a few times and have heard “Oh we’ve been coming here for a long time” (wow, that’s uncomfortable! – but we try to share with them that we are fairly new at St. John’s and some folks we have just not had a chance to meet yet).
    We have come to know so many wonderful people and friends like the Findlays. Marsha, I consider you a friend and sending a card or asking you how you are doing is just “what friends do.”
    I have to say the dinners have been such a blessing for all of us. The congregation requested to have the meals brought back (I guess they used to do it years ago and had stopped them) so that’s just what we did. We had no clue what we were doing but if this is what brings people together, then this is what we needed to do. There is a new story every month. Blessing after blessing. We have such a wonderful congregation who truly care about each other. If these meals bring people together and give them an opportunity to share with each other, have a few laughs, and worship the Lord together, then the hard work is well worth it. I still get tears in my eyes when I see the growth and hear the laughter. God is working at St. John’s people. We have a whole community out there waiting to be reached.

  4. Bonnie

    And one more thing,
    Jen you do a wonderful job taking pictures of people and assembling photo albums to create St. John’s memories, and you are always organizing something! Your work does not go unnoticed!

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