Discussing “Getting it Right”

Today tell me about a person or a church that has gotten it right.  If you are comfortable you can share names or just generically tell your story.  Thursday I will write more, but today I want to hear about your stories.




3 thoughts on “Discussing “Getting it Right”

  1. Jen

    Being a newer Christian it makes me sad that no one could post on this day. Is this saying no one gets it right? With everyone following this blog you mean to tell me no one has a short story to share?

    Below may not be what you want to hear or what you are looking for but, I feel the below may be examples….

    Martha being the only one coming to us the first day we attended St. John’s
    Angie taking her time to invite me to a bible study and offering to help me.
    Carl and Bonnie each time they serve the church family with a meal.
    My son every time he gives me a hug and says I love you mom.
    Beth. Each hug she shares, she doesn’t care who you are or if she knows you if she feels you need a hug you get one.
    Pastor Ron, Sermons, evotions, prayers and this online study he reaches to so many and I feel gets it right.

    I feel everyone of us get it right here or there and it is sad Pastor is taking his time to do this online study and on this day he reaches out for stories not one of us can reply.
    Now I ask is this being a good Christian? Is this getting it right?

    Sorry if this sounds rude but keep in mind my last cigarette was Tuesday @ 8:25pm so Yes I am a bit touchy today.

    Now please take 5 minutes and share about someone.

  2. john

    Willie and Jackie our one of the many at St. Johns who get it right for me. They reached out to me when I was a new church member, they pray for my health and to get a new kidney, and they always seem to truly care how I am doing even when they have big things going on in their own life. They inspire me to work to show that level of compassion to others.

    I also think Pastor Ron and Pastor George get it right with their sermons. They encourage and inspire me to be a better person. I look forward to hearing the message each week!

    Thank you Pastor Ron for a great study. I appreciate all the work you put into this and feel I gained from this experience.

  3. Marsha Findlay

    I would like to share some positive experiences about folks “getting it right” within our own church. Bonnie and Carl Boehl usually sit behind us at 11:00 service. They are the warmest, giving people and I admire their outreach and extra effort they give to our fellowship luncheons and to welcoming people in general.
    This past year, I have had some health challenges, including 4 surgeries. They never fail to ask me how I’m doing and pray for my health and well being. I have also received a card from them letting me know they are there for me. Their concern and caring have made a difference for me. But, I have noticed their caring and outreach in other instances as well. Several months ago, there was a wandering man who entered our Church during services and was headed down to see the Pastor. Carl intercepted him and asked him to sit with him while the Pastor was speaking. He sat down, with Carl’s arm around him. Several times, he became quite anxious and wanted to leave to go down to the Pastor. Carl would calm him down, very quietly, with genuine concern and warmth. Eventually, the man left the Church and wandered back out. As I learned later, this same man had interrupted a wedding in the Church a day or so before. He seemed to be a lost soul, but Carl was very considerate and welcoming to him and asked what he could do for him, all the while keeping the circumstances calm and under control.
    I know there are others who also get it right, but these two caring people have touched my life personally and I know they touch many others.
    Their example is one we should all strive for.

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