When Christians Get it Wrong – When Christians Get It Right

This begins the last week of our interactive study, as I have said in the past, our study is only as good as that of the participation level.  If at all possible please read chapter 6 of the book When Christians Get It Wrong by Adam Hamilton.  You can also watch the sermon based on the chapter, When Christian’s Get it Right.  preached by Reverend Hamilton.  Please also remember the ground rules we are using which I took from Allan R. Bevere: This is a place to reflect upon important (and some not so important) matters. If you read something you disagree with, don’t get angry; leave a comment in response and join the discussion.  Passionate and lively debate is a great thing and is encouraged in the context of civility. Comments that include name-calling, insults, and profanity will be deleted. 

Overview:  Hamilton reminds us that the focus of this book is on how we (Christians) are perceived by young adults who have rejected Christianity.  This is a chapter where Hamilton highlights the good things that people do and what it looks like when we “get it.” 

Observations from the book and the sermon: Hamilton writes on page 109, “if you boiled down the gospel to one word, it would be love.”  Hamilton introduces to the reader what Scott McKnight calls the “Jesus Creed.”  This is a chapter on Love in Action.

As we have done in the past weeks, please share with me about your general impressions of this chapter.  What areas did you find challenging?  What areas did you find yourself in agreement?  What would you like to discuss more fully? 

I look forward to your responses.



2 thoughts on “When Christians Get it Wrong – When Christians Get It Right

  1. Bonnie

    Hi John
    That is so awesome that you are envisioning those you are interested in helping find Christ. I totally understand what you mean about not wanting to be too aggressive. I think you are going to find the more you continue to grow personally you will automatically reflect Him in everything you do. Those “special people” you have in mind will notice. I have a friend who really is interested in becoming a Christian but they are not quite ready to make the commitment. You know, they don’t feel like they want to give up some of the “worldly” recreational activities they are involved in on a regular basis. I tell them “Oh it’s ok. When you are ready God will still be there waiting. Your time will come even though right now you may not realize it.” They just look at me like “Yeah, right.” I can’t wait to see it happen – I hope I’m still here then to see it all!

    1. John McDowell

      Thank you Bonnie, you and this study have been a big help to me in this realm. Sometimes I get so excited I can probably scare a person away. My love for Christ affects me so deeply. When I think about what he went through for us I just can’t help but want to be a better person. I just also have to remember the lessons he taught us with his own actions. I think you have the right attitude though because it is not just you that is there for your friend, I am sure God is showing them other signs as well. And you are right, won’t it be exciting when their eyes are truly opened 🙂

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