Chapter 5 “Getting It Right”

Each chapter in this book ends with a section that  Hamilton calls “Getting it Right.“  This is where he sums up the chapter and highlights or addresses those areas he deems most important.  In this study we will do the same thing on the weekend.  You can bring out any point that was made, you can address again an issue that struck a chord, you can give a general impression, or if you are like me you can use the weekend as a day to catch up.

This has been a difficult week for me with this study.  As you scan the news you will see that this subject has the power to split good people groups of people down the middle.  We have had less discussion this week then in weeks past.  There could be many reasons most of which have no relationship to this blog or myself.  I think that our comments have been appropriate on this subject, if not please let me know.  I did not write or approve anything with any other intention than to help us think through this subject in a new way.

The weather has been nice, school has kicked into high gear, people are experiencing life and end of life experiences all around me.  In all of these “activities,” I am not looking to point a finger.  I am looking for ways to show for the love of Jesus to intersect other people’s lives through myself and my actions.  I know that is your desire too.

Are there areas that need a deeper look?  Do you have questions of me?  I am the moderator, not the expert, so ask and together we will look for answers.




4 thoughts on “Chapter 5 “Getting It Right”

  1. John McDowell

    Thank you Ron. I agree that less people seemed to post this week, but I am glad that those that did were able to have civil discussions. I agree with Bonnie it was nice to be able to talk about this matter without having heated discussions. There perhaps are also some subjects that people will never agree on, but they can still be friends, or Christian brothers and sisters. Maybe this comes down to 1) that we may be on different places in our journey and 2) perhaps we are not meant to be on the exact same journey. I also agree that I think some people may not have posted this week as much due to their hectic lives. I had to post very late at night this week and the last couple of days I was just too tired to add anything.

    Thank you for a great week to those who did participate. Stealing a little from Pastor Ron – Peace and Love to all!

  2. Trent

    I agree, between school and work I have had very little time to keep up with the blog. I have enjoyed following along the discussion and reading the posts but I have been unable to find time to draft up something myself. I think this has been a great study and hopefully people have gotten as much out of it as I have.

    I think one of the underlying themes of the chapters so far has been that as Christians we have to show God’s love to people regardless of who they are or what they believe. We are not here to condemn them, only to further God’s presence in the life of others. From the chapter on science, to other religions, to this week; it has been evident that we need to use to bible as a tool to help us understand but that we still need to show God’s love to others so that they may discover and embark on their own journey with Jesus.

  3. Jen


    Has anyone ever told you that you are sooooo much like your dad? lol
    If your name was not here I would have thought he wrote it.. : )
    Guess that can be a good thing…

  4. John McDowell

    I wanted to say too that there is a documentary that revolves around this week’s topic called “For the Bible Tells Me So” I know it is available through Netflix.

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