Thursday Discussion of About When Bad Things Happen

Thank you for your participation and compassion this week.  It is my hope that this feeling will continue for the next few weeks.  This week we are basically talking about how we as Christians talk about the things in our lives.  Or how we as Christians feel about what goes on around us.  The way that we as Christians speak, even to each other, is a witness to all of our faith and what we believe.

Every person who is reading this has had something bad happen in their life.  Death, illness, disease, tragic life events with tragic consequences, the list is endless and varied.  Depending on how you view God, you will feel and react differently to any of these circumstances.  If “your” God is a demanding God who seeks and demands justice and obedience you may see life events as “punishment;” or you may see God as one who gives everyone multiple chances.  If your God is a “loving” God who desires closeness and intimacy you may look for God in hidden places when bad things occur; or you may see God as having caused something to happen so that something else could occur.

We all view situations differently, then we all come to our own conclusions.  I believe the important thing is to realize that when we speak of God others are listening.  We also need to remember that as humans we will never understand the “mind” of God.  As you continue to reflect on your life and own personal story think of how you view God and how that shapes how you tell your own “story.”




11 thoughts on “Thursday Discussion of About When Bad Things Happen

  1. Jen

    Even though I did not post much I did follow (just kept my feelings to myself as I feel I am safer that way) I enjoyed this chapter and am planning to read it again tonight. Sad to say I am still a huge one on WHY and HOW. Or the big one….What did I do to deserve this? Thanks Pastor for sharing this study online.

  2. Bonnie

    We all want to know the How and Why and the Why Me? You’re not alone. But we are not going to get those answers here so we have to help each other learn to deal with the “cards” we get dealt. I have found when something negative happens I deal with my original reaction first and then try to find healthy, pleasant ways to move on. Usually by doing something to help someone else is the best medicine.

  3. John McDowell

    I also think some of the things you may initially say “What did I do to deserve this?” Are the same things you can later look back and say What Blessings did I receive from this?

  4. Jen

    Bonnie, I know you won’t get answers here BUT, I also thought of this is maybe a small support system…Sorry if I was wrong….

    John, There are some things that are in no way at all a blessing. How can you take something tragic for example and look back and say what blessings did I receive?

    I guess I do better just keeping my thoughts to myself and trying to deal with them on my own.

    This post is not meant to sound rude and I am sorry if it does…..

    1. John McDowell

      Jen, Sorry I did not want to make you feel like you could not post. I was not taking what you were saying lightly. I did not mean you would look back and view the tragedy as a blessing by any means. I was more referring to when we go through hard times we can gain other things. For example my dad died when I was 14 and as a result I became a stronger, more independant person and developed a closer friendship with my mother. That does not mean I would not take my dad back in a second. I loved him very much and it to this day is one of the hardest things I have had to go though in life.

      Believe me I am not perfect. I try to have the best attitude I can and have faith that God will be there for me, but there have still been times where I have been so tired, just plain wore out, thirsty and wanting to drink, but could not due to my kidney failure, looking at piles of work thinking where can I possibly get the energy to do it, knowing I could not lose my job with all of my medical bills, where I have cried out to God and asked why he could not just give me a kidney now – Was there something else I had to learn from this? I told him I feel I learned all I could 🙂 I think God understood and I think he forgave me.

      I don’t know what you are going through Jen, but I do hope you find someone you can talk to and have support. I still give my problems to God when they get to great and it has always seemed to help. It is when I forget to do that that life seems to overwhelm me even more. In type sometimes we can look better to people than we actually are, I am a work in progress, but could not imagine taking this journey without my faith and the Amazing Grace of God. If you need a friend let me know. I bring no judgment to my friendships just an ear and sometimes a hug.

      1. John McDowell

        I thought I should clarify when I said wanting to drink I meant water or iced tea 🙂 I am on a fluid restriction due to kidney failure.

  5. Jen

    John, You had nothing to do with me not wanting to post. We are all here to voice opinions and feelings. This comes easier to some than others. Please don’t be sorry you did nothing wrong. I sometimes come across the wrong way or jump before I think… That is the one bad thing about this blog we as posters have no way to edit or delete.

  6. Carol

    It is easier when life is going ok to be able to say what we or others should do but when we are in the midst of bad things happening it is so much harder to remember this. I think we often cannot even see any good or blessing in a situation even if someday we might. Who knows? I know I need my faith and the support and faith of others to pick and lift me up when I cannot find mine during a difficult time.

    Also, my faith grows stronger by seeing the faith of others who are going through terrible things and still showing the love of God/Jesus/Holy Spirit.

    I think we who are trying to encourage or be with those who are going through bad things need to really remember to watch our tongues and what we say. Sometimes it’s better to just be there and say nothing. We don’t want our words to hurt. This is another thing that is easier to say than do.

    We all are continuing to grow and hopefully become better.

    1. John McDowell

      Very nicely put Carol. I think I am seeing this is going to be something that we try our best at and improve over time. I do know that sometimes just being their to listen is the best way to help.

  7. Paula

    I agree with some of the others who have posted. When things are good we can all feel blessed and be thankful. Other times when we are told that in ALL things give thanks, we may be thinking well that is because you are not where I am right now. So yes, we all (I too) need to be careful of voicing our opinions when we don’t walk in the others shoes. Friends that support us and help us grow spiritually by showing us they care is certainly one way I know that God is always with me. I’ve often thought “why aren’t you answering my prayers!” and still to this day, some of those weren’t answered. Or were they, but not in the way I had wanted. This is when I have to sit back and say “thank you” for putting supportive people in my life even though I am experiencing this terrible thing. For me, I know I’d be lost if I couldn’t ask others to pray along with me.

  8. Rachel

    I agree with John, albeit slow to post, that I look at every situation in my life, good and bad, and say to myself, how can I grow from this, what did I learn and how has this been a blessing to me (and maybe others).

    One of the worst times of my life, after losing my job, a home and facing criminal charges, instead of having a pity party for myself saw what a complete blessing all of the circumstances had culminated to. If all of those things wouldn’t have happened to me, I wouldn’t be a Christian (although I “went to church” my whole life), I wouldn’t have a better, more affordable home, and I wouldn’t have found happiness in a career – and actually a better job than I had!

    So, PRAISE GOD, for all of the crummy, hard things – death, divorce, loss of job, health issues, and on and on – that we go through…because there is ALWAYS a SILVER LINING if we are willing to look for it and for God working in our life and in others!

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