Chapter 1 – “Getting it Right”

Each chapter in this book ends with a section that  Hamilton calls “Getting it Right.”  This is where he sums up the chapter and highlights or addresses those areas he deems most important.  In this study we will do the same thing on the weekend.  You can bring out any point that was made, you can address again an issue that struck a chord, you can give a general impression, or if you are like me you can use the weekend as a day to catch up.

One of Hamilton’s main points that I take from this chapter is that we need to guard against being modern-day Pharisees.  My belief is that we best avoid this by being in relationship with everyone, not just the people in our group, church, denomination or religion; but by being in relationships with those who are not necessarily Christian.  When we have relationships we can understand and be understood.  Relationships allow for this two-way communication.  Do we have relationships across the spectrum of belief or do we isolate ourselves with only those who agree with us?

Hamilton finishing this chapter talking about people who get it right.  He talks of the man who experienced tragedy and experienced Christ through strangers.  He also wrote about the men and women who gave of their time, gifts, and talents to help those who were less fortunate.  “Getting it” can and does take many different forms, without identifying people specifically “How have you seen people in your life get it?”

I have asked two questions, you may comment or ask others.  If you have not commented this week I encourage you to do so.  I have been overwhelmed by the people who have commented and I am amazed by the number of folks who appear to be participating by just following along.  Please continue to ask others to join us.




One thought on “Chapter 1 – “Getting it Right”

  1. John McDowell

    I was thinking today on how people get it wrong. I think some people use the word of God, the Bible to judge people, when really the Bible is there to help all of us on our personal journey. Don’t get me wrong I think it is okay for people to share the word. To preach and share their knowledge and interpretations of the Bible, but it is still for people to use those teachings for their journey.

    God made us all different people and we are all in different places in our journey. I also think that people may get different things from teachings or scripture when they are in different places in their life. It might be that scriptures opens up to them the further they grow or it may just be it was intended to give them different messages for different times in their life just based on who we are at that time. I had some more thoughts on this, but my head was going faster than my fingers so I kind of lost track of them, but I think you get the idea.

    I have been working to have joy in my life everyday. God made people so just the act of smiling can physically cheer us up, this is scientifically proven. I think we do have a choice to make every day to be happy or not. I have been choosing to be happy. We are tested throughout the day in many different ways, but we can choose how we react to the situations that we are presented with. We can draw people near simply by how we react to adversity, stress, turmoil, etc. I used to have road rage something awful, but I really worked on that and it has almost gone away completely. I realized getting angry and all worked up was doing nothing to the person driving to slow for my taste or for the person who cut me off. All it was doing was hurting me, probably actually taking years off my life (I had it pretty bad 🙂 ).

    So where am I going with all of this. As we start to change our life we do draw people to us closer and I think they do examine what is different that makes us happy. Some people of course are so far away in their journey they just say what is that person so happy for :), but others say how come he/she reacts differently to the same situations or why is he/she so happy all of the time? I was able to share the word the other day at work purely on accident. I was having a bad day and trying my best to be happy. I was carrying around a book on power scriptures. It is a little hand held book that has scriptures in it for different moods, states, etc. I also had the Three Simple Rules: A Weslyan Way of Living book with me because I was going to read it at lunch. It just so happened that we were having an all day training that day and one of my co-workers asked me about my books and instead of reading during lunch my table ended up having a conversation on faith during lunch. This was not preaching but just as a result of trying to be the best I could be that day, it generated a conversation about faith and I also shared some of the scripture I had read with one of my co-workers. It does not always happen like this, sometimes I imagine it can take years to make a difference in some peoples lives and you may not even be the person that is there when someone finally accepts Christ, but imagine what it would be like if more Christians got it right? If more and more when people were searching for the truth they kept running into happy Christians who seemed to be able to handle adversity better?

    I think I will leave it at that for now. If I remember some of my other thoughts I may come back and add to my post. This is fun and I think this small group came at the perfect time in my life. Thank you Pastor Ron!

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